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Join the Program and Streamline Your Schedule

A Results-Driven Training Method

-1 hr. movement assessment call

-1 live group call each week

-4 weeks of guided & personalized strength training

-4 accountability calls

Learn how to prevent pain (and relieve it too!) through movement optimization. Build more strength in less time by creating insane muscle activity and using the correct muscles for the job.

A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

- 4 weeks of planned menus filled with nutrient dense food

- Guidance on how to prepare a weeks worth of food in under 2 hours

Find the meal prep technique that is appropriate for your lifestyle and schedule. Learn how to quickly and efficiently shop for and prepare food so that you always have healthful options.


What Others are Saying

"I suffered a work injury resulting in a bulging disc in my lower back. I was having extreme difficulty sitting up straight, lying on my back and lifting things without extreme pain. I was not able run or play basketball anymore and I was beginning to lose hope. I began seeing Katie after multiple therapeutic tactics came up empty with no results. Without medication or injections, Katie gave me the direction and education to better understand my injury and begin healing. Through her personalized training sessions I began to see improvements in my mobility and strength. I can confidently say that as of today, thanks to Katies’ knowledge, care and expertise I am pain free. I take with me the exercises, routines and knowledge she taught me to my daily workouts and activities. Thanks to Katie I live a life with awareness to my core, proper posture and no pain."

Austin C.
South Fulton Fire and Rescue

 "I CAN, in fact, do meal prep for the week in under 3 hours (compared to my usual 6!)." -W.V.

-"Meal prep can be easy." - J.H.

"After seeing what I was supposed to eat, I made better decisions when I had to go out to eat or wasn’t able to eat what I cooked. 

I was able to learn how to cook in bulk so I can just grab things from the fridge instead of having to cook for every meal." -E.T. 

Students of the Warrior Calling

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