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Build momentum and lasting results by providing your body with the (delicious!) fuel that is needed to reach your goals.

Join me in the kitchen 

February 5 - March 3, 2024 


  • Live meal-prep call with guided cooking instructions, weekly on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. EST 

  • Prepared menus, grocery list and recipes readily available

  • One-on-one strategy call 

  • Set your goal and get ready to feel pride in your accomplishment by utilizing accountability with me and your Food Prep Challenge community

  • Connect with a community of like-minded, goal-driven people


Let's Get Started

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 "I CAN, in fact, do meal prep for the week in under 3 hours (compared to my usual 6!)." -W.V.

-"Meal prep can be easy." - J.H.

"After seeing what I was supposed to eat, I made better decisions when I had to go out to eat or wasn’t able to eat what I cooked. 

I was able to learn how to cook in bulk so I can just grab things from the fridge instead of having to cook for every meal." -E.T. 

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